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nike roshe run triple black dmb

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4 Great Chinese Language Learning Tips For Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners 4 Great Chinese Language Learning Tips For Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners June 24 nike free 4.0 flyknit ireland , 2012 | Author: dannyc.miller | Posted in Education
Discovering the Chinese language can be very difficult, so it is important that you establish a suitable learning method before diving into your studies. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences a great theory to reference when producing your own learning program. The theory states that we have seven distinct types of learners, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical. This content is going to give attention to learning strategies for bodily-kinesthetic learners.

What Are Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners

Bodily-kinesthetic learners are people who are extremely in touch with their physical selves. They are great with their hands, and they get pleasure from using motion, building things, and touching physical objects. They are found in a variety of professions, from dancers to surgeons. These are the type of individuals who typically communicate just as much with their body language as they do through spoken words and phrases. If you are one of these learners you will learn effectively through physical activity, role-playing, acting, and plenty of other types of hands-on learning. You ought to incorporate physical objects and tools into your learning strategy.

Learning Strategy 1

If you are a bodily-kinesthetic learner, you have to get your hands on actual objects, so nike free 5.0 flyknit sale , when mastering essential vocabulary words, do just that. For instance, if you want to learn the names of standard kitchen items, gather those items and use them as study tools. Instead of making use of flash cards to memorize, for example, the names of eating utensils, get real knives, forks and chopsticks and put them into a box. Memorize each of their names by reaching into the box, pulling out an item and reciting its name in Chinese.

Learning Strategy 2

Role playing is often a highly effective tool for anybody mastering a language. It is particularly powerful, though, for bodily-kinesthetic learners. Should you be one of these learners, you should look for a partner as soon as possible. You can find an endless supply of role-playing activities when studying the Chinese language. For instance, you can act like you’re in a diner, a travel agency, or maybe a hotel. You can ask each other for directions or have mock business conferences. You can even spend an entire day with each other acting like tour guides, or whatever else you prefer. The important thing is to speak as much as possible using the Chinese language.

Learning Strategy 3

If you’re a bodily-kinesthetic learner, you’re fantastic at acting out, which means you most probably present passionate speeches. You may or may not be a good speech writer nike free 5.0 flyknit ireland , but that is not important here. What’s significant is the delivery. So, what you need to do is use the internet and look for famous speeches that have been translated into Chinese (there are lots of them). Memorize the speeches and then deliver them to your family and friends, or anyone else who will listen.

Learning Strategy 4

Making things is really a powerful method for bodily-kinesthetic learners to remember things. Just how can this assist you to understand a second language? Well, imaginge that you would like to learn how to speak about family members in the Chinese language. You can actually create a family tree. It doesn’t have to be overly complex or time consuming. You can simply use cardstock and other items, or just sketch a picture. It is the act of producing something using your hands that will help you learn.


If you happen to be a bodily-kinesthetic learner, you need to be active. You shouldn’t just sit down at a table and memorize vocabulary terms. If you do, you are going to become bored and lose interest in your studies. Instead, collect physical objects and use them as study tools. Make sure to remain active, constructing, creating and performing as you gain knowledge.

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